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Ari will change the way you interact with customers

ARI is the smartest intelligent agent on the market using AI to detect people around, engage a conversation with a person and, most importantly, offer its assistance; You will be able to ask ARI for advice to find a product like shoes by engaging a simple conversation. ARI will not only guide you in your search but also display its recommendations.

Ari at the airport

In Ari in environment

Ari at the museum

In Ari in environment

Ari in a showroom

In Ari in environment

Hello I am Ari

In Ari in environment / Holographic agent

Hello I am Ari

In Ari in environment / Holographic agent

Hello I am Ari

In Ari in environment / Holographic agent

Based on a completely autonomous technology

ARI is based on a completely autonomous technology ensuring full data privacy. It also does not require an Internet connectivity. Its official launch will take place at the WebSummit Lisbon on November 6th 2017.

Ari works on every display

Holographic displays

Smart phones

Smart watches

Digital displays

Interactive displays

Virtual shopping assistant

As a freestanding holographic virtual shopping assistant for shopping malls and retail, Ari creates a personal shopping experience for your customers and drive sales and realize cost savings by guide shoppers to find the right store and available product that suit their specific needs.

Ari can assist you in every environment

Retail stores / Shopping malls / Automotive showrooms / Conference rooms / Office buildings / Hospitals / Apartment buildings / Hotels / Exhibitions / Airports / Museums / Schools / Events / Restaurants / Tourist offices / Fitness centers / Public sector / Ari can be placed everywhere…

Artificial Intelligence

ARI will make your customers feel welcome and offer answers to most of the questions they may have at any time with the right mood. Her capability to learn with her Artificial Intelligence core are limitless. Her capability to change shape are also infinite.

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